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UnCanny Wellness CBD Review

UnCanny Wellness CBD promises “all health” and “no high” and proudly advertises their water-soluble CBD as “better than oil.”

Does this mean you’ll find the most effective CBD for you and your needs among their product range?

Find out the easy way by reading our UnCanny Wellness CBD review!

Who Are UnCanny Wellness CBD?

  • UnCanny Wellness CBD launched in 2016.
  • Based in Boulder, Colorado, it’s implied their organically grown and non-GMO hemp is sourced from the same state.
  • Although their extraction method isn’t known, the company promises all their products are formulated to be as clean and pure as possible and they never use harmful emulsifiers or solvents.
  • To back this claim, all product batches are put through independent quality assurance testing. They have a dedicated page for finding their Certificates of Analysis.
  • The company’s mission is to empower people to live healthier, happier lives via the use of plants that regenerate the body and the planet.

They don’t appear too bothered with helping spread the word through social media, however. In fact, all of their accounts – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – were collectively abandoned in July 2020.

That said, their CBD blog is still regularly updated.

They also keep a Video Library on their website that seems to have replaced (at least in part) their YouTube channel, which was abandoned at the same time as their other social media.

If you want to contact them, you’ll need to reach out via:

Surprisingly, the company only offers free shipping on one-time orders for clients located in mainland USA, and you need to remember to use the right code (displayed at the top of their website) to unlock it.

Subscription orders (see below) do not benefit from free shipping at all.

On the other hand, UnCanny Rewards allows you to earn UW Points on every purchase, at 1 UW Point per $1 spent:

UnCanny Wellness CBD Rewards Program

These can be redeemed at a rate of 10 UW Points per $1 discount.

You can also unlock a 20% discount by subscribing to a product for regular, automated orders.

What Products Does UnCanny Wellness CBD Sell?

UnCanny Wellness CBD only has 2 products available, despite being in the industry for nearly 5 years.


UnCanny Wellness CBD THC Free CBD Oil

The first product is the Daily Dose CBD Capsules.

Available in 2 potency options (10mg and 20mg of CBD per capsule), a bottle of vegan friendly and THC Free capsules costs $30.00 and $58.00 accordingly.

Kaprice says they’re amazing.

She and her boyfriend now end every week with a capsule before bed and start the weekend by adding the powder (see below) to their first cup of coffee, as they find the combination is helping their mental health and sleep quality.

Meanwhile, Marissa suffers from severe chronic Lyme disease – which causes a myriad of issues, including panic attacks, insomnia, and muscle aches as a result.

Thankfully, she finds using the capsules daily has given her significant relief in reducing these symptoms. “These are the best formulated products on the market and I won’t purchase any others,” she adds:

UnCanny Wellness CBD THC Free CBD Oil Customer Reviews
UnCanny Wellness CBD Powder

Barista Blend Water-Soluble CBD Powder is, of course, the second (and only other) product available.

But this time, you can choose your container size!

While all 3 sizes offer the same 10mg of Broad Spectrum CBD per serving, you can choose between a box of 14x single serving portions, a 30 servings jar (0.3oz), and a 100 servings jar (30g). As a bonus, you can also get a refill pouch for the larger jar.

Depending on the container size, prices range from $30.00 to $99.00.

A customer known only by their initials, C.O., says they discovered the powder while searching for an airplane-friendly CBD option.

They received “prompt personalized service” and were immediately provided with the data sheet after asking.

When it comes to the powder itself, they say it’s easy to use, doesn’t affect your beverage’s flavor much (“unlike the oils I’ve tried”), and doesn’t have a hemp scent.

They also find it quickly absorbs into their morning coffee and evening tea and helps with their unspecified conditions better than any pharmaceuticals – and without any of the side effects either.

Cindy also agrees it’s better than any other CBD products she’s tried by different brands.

Not only does she find the individual packets incredibly convenient for traveling with, she also gets the same benefits using less of the powder than that of the other brand’s.

Debbie also loves it, saying after a few months of using the powder together with another company’s CBD/THC salve, she’s finally eczema free!

This is an issue she’s been struggling with for 17 years prior to discovering CBD.

She’s convinced the powder is responsible for this wonderful change, as at one point she stopped using it for 2 weeks. Despite continuing to use the salve, her most recent outbreak started getting itchy again. It didn’t stop until she started using the powder again.

As a bonus, the powder is also helping decrease her general anxiety:


UnCanny Wellness CBD Powder Customer Reviews

UnCanny Wellness CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

We were surprised to find UnCanny Wellness only developed 2 products.

However, based on the customer feedback on their product pages (shared above), this might be a case of choosing to maintain a high, effective quality rather than spread resources thin with greater quantity!

At least 1 of those customers feels the powder puts truth to the company’s slogan about being “better than oil.” Another finds it’s more effective at dealing with topical issues than at least 1 other company’s topical salve.

But what are people saying about them elsewhere online? Are they equally happy, or is the company deleting negative comments from their website?

Unfortunately, we can’t know for sure.

The only other customer reviews we found were on their Facebook page, and we haven’t seen any new ones since the company stopped updating the account.

The good news is – all of them are very positive!

To start, David’s son has Autism and will only drink water. Needing a “mostly tasteless and odorless way to get CBD into his diet,” David turned to the Barista Blend Water-Soluble CBD Powder.

He’s happy to report his son is sleeping much better now – and finding it easier to learn new words and language structures!

UnCanny Wellness CBD Customer Reviews

Similarly, Andrea is absolutely excited about this company and their products, which have been the only ones to help with her pain and general lack of energy. She says she can no longer see herself going without it – it’s her go-to for CBD:

UnCanny Wellness CBD Customer Reviews 2

Kerry is also a big fan of the CBD powder, saying it’s a great addition to coffee to balance out jitters and anxiety.

Not only did she find it mixed in perfectly and was flavorless, but it also elevated her mood and left her feeling more energized before her afternoon run.

She also reveals something we didn’t notice on the company’s website (this might have changed since, but it’s unlikely): the powder comes with a help scoop made with sustainable materials!

UnCanny Wellness CBD Customer Reviews 3

Last but not least, the most recent user feedback comes from Norm.

She says she adds some of the powder to her coffee several times a day and praises it for being a high quality water soluble CBD product.

As she also points out, the type of technology used to make CBD products water soluble (typically nano-emulsification, though this isn’t confirmed by the company) “gives you up to ten times the bioavailability” compared to other oral CBD.

So it looks like we have another vote of confidence for it being better than CBD oils!

UnCanny Wellness CBD Customer Reviews 4

Uncanny Wellness has a different take on CBD and it’s quite rare to see a company not selling CBD Oils.

We think they have a nice little selection of products that you can add to your smoothies that are definitely worth checking out.

Don’t forget to take a look at our list of the best CBD products here.

And if you’ve tried any of the Uncanny Wellness products then please leave a review below!

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