Wana Wellness CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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Wana Wellness CBD Review

Wana Wellness CBD invites you to support your healthy lifestyle with premium CBD.

But are their products really of premium quality?

Find out by reading our Wana Wellness CBD review!

Who Are Wana Wellness CBD?

  • Wana Wellness CBD was launched in 2010, making them one of the oldest CBD companies in the world.
  • While the company appears to be based in Texas, their product pages reveal they use organic hemp grown in Colorado.
  • Unfortunately, their extraction methods are unknown, but all product batches go through independent testing (lab results are available online).
  • They don’t seem to have a mission statement, but do specify “Potency and consistency are more than buzzwords at Wana Wellness… because there’s no room for gimmicks when it comes to your health.”

The company remains rather active on social media, with 3 to 5 weekly updates to their Twitter account and Instagram profile.

You can also contact them via:

US customers enjoy free shipping on all orders, regardless of size or total. If you spend over $75.00, you’ll also get a free pack of 10 Mango Gummies.

What Products Does Wana Wellness CBD Sell?

Although Wana Wellness has been around considerably longer than the majority of their competitors (in the US as well as abroad), they only sell a very limited number of products.

There’s a range of CBD oils and CBD gummies – but that’s it. Let’s take a quick look at both options!


Wana Wellness CBD Restore CBD Oil

While there aren’t many product categories available, Wana Wellness pulled out all the stops with their range of CBD oils.

First up is the Restore formula, which has 16mg of CBD per 1ml serving. A 30ml bottle costs $39.99.

Wana Wellness CBD Relax CBD Oil

Alternatively, you can get the lower potency (10mg of CBD per serving) Relax formula, which also comes in a 30ml dropper bottle for $39.99.

Stephanie says it took some time getting used to the taste and she needs to make sure she has a full stomach with plenty of fluids, as the oil gives her a headache otherwise.

Those issues aside, she finds the effects amazing – and adds her boyfriend doesn’t have the same problem with headaches:

Wana Wellness CBD Relax CBD Oil Customer Review
Wana Wellness CBD Rest CBD Oil

If you’re looking for a natural sleeping aid, the Rest formula might be the solution. Despite having a much lower dosage at 8mg CBD per serving, a 30ml dropper bottle still costs $39.99.

This might be due to the inclusion of melatonin.

Maurice keeps things simple, saying it’s great for sleep:

Wana Wellness CBD Rest CBD Oil Customer Review

CBD Gummies

If your mouth started watering at the mention of 10 free gummies with orders over $75.00, here’s what you’ve been waiting for!

Wana Wellness CBD Gummies

The Wana Wellness Hemp Gummies come in two flavors: Tropical (Mango, Blood Orange, and Vuzu) and Mixed Berry.

You’ll get 25mg of CBD per gummy, which are available in packs of 10 and 30 at $19.99 and $44.99 respectively.

Susan says they help her find her calm when anxiety strikes, and she enjoys the fact they taste great without leaving an aftertaste. Patricia agrees they’re the best tasting CBD gummies she’s ever tried.

Megan simply mentions using these gummies for 6 months and finding them to be the best on the market:

Wana Wellness CBD Gummies Customer Reviews

Wana Wellness CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

It’s a good thing Wana Wellness allows customers to leave comments with feedback on their website, even if there are only a few of them (the only review on the Restore oil page, for example, is actually for the gummies).

This is because we couldn’t find any user reviews for the company elsewhere online.

This is very surprising, considering they’ve been around for a decade now (as of 2020). We’ve seen much younger CBD companies enjoy thousands of user reviews!

Unfortunately, this means we can’t properly gauge how effective their products are and whether or not the general consensus is a recommendation to give them a try or a miss.

If you’ve tried any of the Wana Wellness CBD products then please leave a review below!

And don’t forget to checkout our list of the best CBD products here to make an informed buying decision!

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