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WellPUR Organics CBD Review

WellPUR Organics CBD claims to offer better value and better results.

Just how accurate of a description for their products is that?

Read our WellPUR Organics CBD review to find out the facts!

Who Are WellPUR Organics CBD?

  • WellPUR Organics CBD was launched in 2019.
  • Although the company is based in New York, they use a proprietary hemp strain grown in Colorado.
  • Their extraction methods are unknown, though they claim to produce the most pure bio-available Broad Spectrum CBD products in the industry.
  • All product batches undergo third party testing for quality assurance. Lab results are easily accessed through their website.
  • The company is committed to bringing their customers the highest “pharmaceutical grade” CBD while simultaneously maintaining the highest quality standards in the industry.

WellPUR Organics CBD remains quite active on social media.

Their Facebook and Instagram both receive daily updates, and you can also connect with them on LinkedIn. Meanwhile, their blog is an active source of CBD-related content.

You can otherwise reach out via:

US customers enjoy free shipping on all orders regardless of size. They also offer free samples and other deals on occasion.

Additionally, the Special Discount Program offers exclusive 25% discounts to veterans and active duty military personnel, first responders, teachers and students.

What Products Does WellPUR Organics CBD Sell?

WellPUR Organics CBD sells a range of products within the following categories:

  • CBD Oil
  • CBD Capsules
  • CBD Edibles
  • CBD Topicals
  • CBD for Pets

Let’s take a quick look at what’s on offer – and what customers are saying about them!


WellPUR Organics CBD Oil

The Premium Broad Spectrum Oil is available in 3 potency options, ranging from 250mg to 1,000mg of total CBD. Depending on which potency you choose, prices range from $39.95 to $84.95 per 30ml bottle.

Robert says it’s a great product with great quality that’s very effective. Carol Ann adds it helps tremendously with her anxiety and the shipping is “SUPER fast”.

A third customer with the username “clearyc1” repeats Carol Ann’s sentiments regarding the fast delivery and anxiety relief, adding it also helps them sleep and comes with great service quality:

WellPUR Organics CBD Oil Customer Review
WellPUR Organics CBD Water Soluble Nano Tincture

WellPUR Organics CBD’s Water Soluble Advanced Nano Tincture takes advantage of nanotechnology to offer a faster absorption rate.

The formula is available in 2 flavors: Sweet Natural and Grape.

Both flavors offer 250mg of total CBD per 30ml bottle. Usually priced $45.95 each, they’re currently on sale for $25.95.

Daryl says it’s the best CBD oil he’s ever tried by far – and he’s “tried several top CBD oils made by reputable firms” over the year before leaving his review.

After struggling with chronic back pain for his entire adult life, he found it’s completely gone after consistently using the oil for just 2 weeks. He adds he can already feel the tincture’s effects within 15 minutes:

WellPUR Organics CBD Water Soluble Nano Tincture Customer Reviews

CBD Capsules

WellPUR Organics CBD Capsules

WellPUR Organics CBD also offers a Broad Spectrum Water Soluble Softgel product with 25mg of CBD per capsule. They previously offered a 10mg potency as well, but this was recently discontinued.

Each bottle, costing $74.95, contains 30 softgels.

Stephanie says until she discovered these capsules, she was having difficulty sleeping, partially due to anxiety and joint pain.

Now, not only does she find a daily capsule helps alleviate all these ailments, but they don’t give her an upset stomach like the 800mg of Motrin she was previously taking.

Bonita adds she’s been using the capsules since early to mid-2019 after the owner, Kim, recommended them to help with her sleeping issues. She’s very grateful for that recommendation, as the softgels work:

WellPUR Organics CBD Capsules Customer Reviews

CBD Edibles

WellPUR Organics CBD Edibles

What’s a CBD edibles section without gummies?

WellPUR Organics CBD offers an All Natural Fruit Flavored Broad Spectrum Gummy, with 10mg of CBD per piece.

Originally costing $42.95 for a 30 count bottle, the price was permanently reduced to just $29.95.

WellPUR Organics CBD Drink Powder

Meanwhile, the Advanced Energy and Recovery Drink Water Soluble Tropical Fusion Powder offers 20mg of Broad Spectrum CBD per sachet.

It’s sold in boxes of 5 sachets for $21.95.

CBD Topicals

WellPUR Organics CBD Topicals

At the moment, WellPUR Organics CBD’s only available topical product is the Essential Botanical Skin Salve.

However, they also added 2 new listings for an Infused Botanical Skin Serum and Infused Face Mask, both of which are marked as “COMING SOON.”

The Essential Botanical Skin Salve is formulated for pain relief, with 500mg total Broad Spectrum CBD per 2oz tub.

These cost $45.95 each.

It isn’t known what potency the upcoming Skin Serum and Face Masks will have, but both appear to be made using Broad Spectrum CBD as well.

Once launched, their prices will be $33.95 for the serum and $8.95 for the mask (unknown whether an individual mask or a small pack).

CBD for Pets

WellPUR Organics CBD For Pets

There are 4 products available in the WellPUR Organics CBD for Pets range: Pet Hemp Extract Tincture, Hearty Beef Soft Dog Chews, Organic Hemp Dog Treats with Peanut Butter and Turmeric, and Pets Water Soluble Hemp Extract Capsules.

The tincture is available in 3 potency options (250mg, 500mg, and 1,000mg total CBD) and has the natural flavor of hemp.

Depending on the potency you choose, prices range from $39.95 to $84.95 per 30ml dropper bottle.

Regrettably, it isn’t clear whether the oils are also suitable for cats.

However, you can use the company’s CBD Dosage Chart for Pets to determine the right amount to give your cat based on his/her weight.

While the Peanut Butter and Turmeric Organic Hemp Dog Treats are currently out of stock, they’re usually sold in tubs of 35 treats for $24.95.

They do not, however, contain any CBD according to the product page.

The Hearty Beef Soft Dog Chews, on the other hand, are made with their water soluble CBD oil and contain 2mg of Broad Spectrum CBD per treat.

These are sold in tubs of 30 treats for $19.95 each.

Last but not least, the Pets Water Soluble Hemp Extract Capsules offer 10mg of Broad Spectrum CBD per softgel. A bottle of 30 capsules costs $39.95.

Aelorae says the tincture made “a huge difference” for their mom’s senior Pug/Beagle crossbreed:

WellPUR Organics CBD For Pets Customer Reviews

WellPUR Organics CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

WellPUR Organics CBD understands that when you allow customers to leave product feedback on the website, it adds an extra layer of trust and transparency.

After all, it means new customers interested in trying your products can get reviews from real users without looking elsewhere!

We, on the other hand, always look elsewhere regardless.

Surprisingly, we struggled to find user reviews for the company. This might be at least partially due to their still being a newcomer to the industry.

Fortunately, we were still able to find 4 reviews on their Facebook page, though only 3 of them included comments (the fourth was simply a 5-star rating).

Michael says the company is top quality and their products taste great and work well:

WellPUR Organics CBD Customer Review

Susan says her senior dogs really benefit from the CBD for Pets range, while she also appreciates as a Broad Spectrum range, it doesn’t contain any THC:

WellPUR Organics CBD Customer Review 2

Donna says she’s in love with the Essential Botanical Skin Salve, as it relieved her hip bursitis pain within 10 minutes of application:

WellPUR Organics CBD Customer Review 3

We also found another 2 user reviews in the comment section of another website, both of them giving more positive feedback.

Tony says he “tried many, including pharmacy grade CBD oil” and that this range isn’t only better than all of them, but also more affordable.

He’s a customer for life and looking forward to trying the gummies next:

WellPUR Organics CBD Customer Review 4

Meanwhile, Alice suffered a shoulder injury in the beginning of 2019 and went through 9 months of cortisone shots, physical therapy, and massages without any pain relief.

Although skeptical at first, she decided to give the Essential Botanical Skin Salve a try and felt results within half an hour:

WellPUR Organics CBD Customer Review 5

We think that WellPUR Organics offer a nice selection of CBD products but we’d recommend checking out our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of their products please leave your review below!

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