Zen CBD Review (2024) Here’s What We Discovered..

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Zen CBD Review

Zen CBD is a UK-based CBD company that is now proudly Soil Association Organic Certified!

They also claim to create the world’s finest CBD oils designed for use on the go – but does that hold up under inspection?

Find out the answers in our Zen CBD review!

Who Are Zen CBD?

  • It isn’t clear when Zen CBD launched.
  • While the company doesn’t reveal where in the UK they’re based, they use hemp grown on organic farms in the UK and Europe.
  • The hemp is freshly harvested for production without delay, where they use a low heat, supercritical CO2 extraction to ensure the highest possible quality.
  • Unfortunately, the website doesn’t mention anything regarding third party testing, and we were unable to find any Certificates of Analysis or Quality Assurance reports.
  • In addition to being Soil Association Organic Certified, the company is also a member of the Cannabis Trades Association UK.
  • The company’s mission is to only use the finest ingredients while also avoiding solvents and other chemicals. This is to ensure delivery of the highest and most effective concentrations possible.

To be blunt, there’s very little known about the company!

We did look on their social media platforms, and even though they continue to post daily on Instagram (and very nearly as often on Facebook), we weren’t able to uncover any other details.

It also seems the only way to contact the company (other than social media’s internal messaging functions) is via email at info@livingplanetdistribution.com.

This suggests the brand is a subsidiary of Living Planet Distribution, or uses their services for delivering customer orders.

What Products Does Zen CBD Sell?

Zen CBD essentially only offers CBD oil. However, they sell it in 2 forms: the traditional dropper bottle oil and as a CBD oil oral spray.

Zen CBD Oil Drops

Starting with the regular Organic CBD Oil Drops, we find these are only available in 10ml bottles.

However, you can choose between a variety of different Full Spectrum CBD potency options, listed as a percentage of the full 10ml. These are: 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, and 30%.

Depending on which one you settle on, prices range from £25.00 to £200.00 per bottle.

Zen CBD Organic CBD Sprays

This, of course, leaves only the Organic CBD Sprays!

There are a few ways in which this product differs from the first. For starters, all of the sprays are sold in 20ml bottles (obviously with a spray nozzle instead of a dropper).

The total Full Spectrum CBD potency per bottle is also displayed in mg content instead of percentages: 300mg, 500mg, 1,000mg, 1,500mg, 2,000mg, 2,500mg, and 3,000mg.

Furthermore, you can choose between 7 flavors: Chocolate, Coconut, Coffee, Orange, Peppermint, Unflavored, and Vanilla.

The spray oil also seems to be specifically made only with organic hemp the company imports from Slovenia.

Interestingly, despite the larger bottles (and the addition of natural flavor terpenes), the price range is almost identical: £22.99 to £200.00, depending on which potency option you choose.

Zen CBD Reviews – What Are People Saying?

In our experience writing CBD reviews, we’ve noticed companies based in the UK typically don’t include the feedback feature on their product pages.

We feel this is a pity, as it’s a great way for them to get free reviews from real users while also giving prospective customers a chance to set realistic expectations.

Zen CBD naturally follows this trend. So it was even more important for us to look elsewhere online for customer feedback!

Interestingly, they don’t have the reviews function on their Facebook enabled either.

We ended up needing to hunt a little harder than usual, but were finally able to find a few comments on another site.

Evan is less than impressed and accuses the company of being a “Zen green rip off.”

After being shown an article about them, he jumped at the opportunity to take advantage of their limited free sample offer with $6.95 shipping.

Unfortunately, a few weeks later he was incorrectly charged $99.95 for products he never ordered. He managed to find a contact number (no longer available on the website or social media) and called them within 15 minutes of being notified of the charge.

Nearly 2 weeks later, he still hadn’t been refunded for the erroneous charge.

He also complains their email support isn’t up to scratch. However, he never explains why he feels the company is a rip off of Zen Green CBD:

Zen CBD Customer Reviews

Ed, on the other hand, is very happy with the company!

He says the quality is consistently good and never left him feeling like it’s lacking or differs from one batch to the next. He loves the flavored sprays, especially for adding to his coffee:

Zen CBD Customer Reviews 2

A third comment, left by a customer known as “Zen Fan,” agrees with Evan on the products and company being fantastic.

They specifically use the Orange 300mg Zen CBD Organic Spray every night before bed.

While they don’t have any preexisting sleep issues to compare the effectiveness to, they do say “you’ll have a fantastic night’s sleep” with the help of a single spray.

They also use it during the day, saying it tastes so good “it makes me want to rub my hands against themselves” while also leaving them feeling very relaxed:

Zen CBD Customer Reviews 3

Overall, the reviews aren’t great and the product line is quite small so we would instead recommend checking out our list of the best CBD products here first.

And if you’ve tried any of the Zen CBD products then please leave a review below!

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